Free EXIF view/edit, photo watermark software from Custom DataWorks.

On July, 29 2012 Custom DataWorks released new digital photo tool application: cdWorks Photo Helper. This application allows users to view/edit some of fields  of a JPEG photo EXIF record, rotate pictures and synchronize EXIF image orientation field and watermark pictures with either text or a graphic file.

Product page excerpt: With the advent of digital photography, photo enthusiasts had been armed with some new tools provided by the digital technology. When you take a picture with your digital camera, the camera captures not only an image but also additional information (metadata) related to the place, time and the camera itself. This information is stored inside a picture file as an EXIF record. Some of the most useful settings are Date and Time, Camera Position, Sutter Speed, Aperture Wikipedia – Aperture , even your camera Make and Model just to name a few. If your are interested in photography and would like to be able view some of the metadata or edit it (you can add your name as an Artist/Author, fix the Taken Date or add a picture Title and/or Description) now you have an easy to use and FREE tool. Our cdWorks Photo Helper will even let you rotate pictures and add a copyright watermark with just a few mouse clicks… Read More